Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good news - and the difficulty of getting accurate information

Masashi has pointed out the difficulty of getting accurate and timely information in a context that changes so quickly. He also reports that the drinking water situation has improved in Iitate village. His comments are below.

"Yesterday (April 1), the IAEA updated their analysis on radioactive materials in Iitate's soil, and the detected level of radioactive iodine (7 million Bq/m2) is below the IAEA's safe limits (10 million Bq/m2). This result is based on the analysis using 15 soil data collected by the Japanese government between March 19 and 29.

It is really confusing to have this kind of totally opposite messages. However, the nature of the distribution of radioactive materials takes such a sporadic pattern, it seems understandable to have different results if we calcurate averages using different samples.

Iitate village released a short announcement on March 31. On April 1st, this short announcement mentioned the first version of the IAEA's statement and the opinion of the Japanese government on this IAEA's analysis. Facing these conflicting views, Iitate village will continue watching the data collected within the village.

Also it announced that tap water is now drinkable in Iitate since the level of radioactive material is below 100 Bq/kg. However, they still recommend using bottled water which is distributed by the village for babies.

Iitate's short announcement No.2 (April1st) can be viewed via the following link (In Japanese only)">http://">

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