Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lack of gas for evacuations

Masashi has provided another update regarding the activities in Iitate. The village has begun to close its refugee sites to relocate people to safer areas. One of the major destinations is Kanuma-city, Tochigi prefecture (Awano is part of Kunama-city). However, the people in Iitate still face a big problem: lack of gas for transportation!! Mayor Kan'no has sent out an emergency message asking for help to improve this situation.

A small part of Iitate is currently designated as an area where residents should stay inside their house or office. However, officials need to go out to distribute drinking water to many community meeting halls because radioactive materials are still found in tap water. It is really a contradiction, but there is no other way. Drinking water is distributed by self-defense army officials.

Iitate village is now providing services to residents who wish to check their degree of radiation exposure. The testing service is carried out on the school bus where the equipment is loaded. The bus circulates around the village.

Masachi also attached two pictures of his office at Ibaraki University. It is located on the 7th floor where offices received the most extensive damage.

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  1. Dear Masachi and friends of the NRE C-J Project exchange:
    As one of the participants in the 2004 CJ exchange project I am very saddened by this devastating disaster that has happened to our Japanese friends and want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with each of you at this time of great sorrow and despair. The hospitality and friendship that you showed to all of us while visiting your country will never be forgotten and memories of our time there are a cherished treasure. While in Japan I was billeted with a family in Iitate (whose names I cannot seem to remember) I hope that each of them are safe and out of harms way and that if they see this message they will know that they are still thought of and cared for. To Kogi, Tukomo, Nobuhiro and all the other wonderful friends from Japan...God bless and stay safe.
    Don Tabor
    Springhill, N.S. CANADA