Friday, March 25, 2011

Signs of Improvement

Masashi wrote that the situation of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has been improving somewhat and the radioactivity level in Iitate has been decreasing day by day.

On March 15, the radioactivity level in the environment of Iitate had jumped from
0.139 micro Sv/h at 16:00 to 44.7 micro Sv/h at 18:20. This was the highest level to that date. After that high point, the level has declined day by day.

The most recent reading of the level (at 0:00 on March 26) is 9.36 micro Sv/h. This is a quarter of the peak level of March 15. It is still higher compared with those detected in other neighboring areas, but it seems to be improvement.

The result of monitoring environmental radioactive material can be found in the following website by Fukushima prefecture. It is in Japanese only, however,

Other good news is that there is a temporary resumption of fuel for automobiles. Three gas stations in Iitate now sell fuel to residents who have one of the certificates provided by Iitate village. However, the stations are only open for 3.5 hours on Saturday and Sunday so far.

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